Cancer and Creativity

The staff and providers here at Alaska Women's Cancer Care strongly believe in the incredible healing powers of creativity, music and arts. We encourage anyone who has been touched by cancer to explore the ways in which having a creative outlet can improve quality of life. It can be anything from writing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, knitting, quilting, sculpting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and/or playing an instrument; all forms of creative expression can be therapeutic.

Let Every Woman Know – Alaska, Alaska Women’s Cancer Care’s sister non-profit organization, is dedicated to raising awareness of gynecologic cancers and providing support for Alaskan survivors. Each year Let Every Woman Know – Alaska showcases works of art made by patients, friends and family who have used artistic expression to cope with cancer and to exhibit the beautiful way in which creativity can heal.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use creativity as a vehicle for therapeutic expression, please inquire at our office about the Let Every Woman Know – Alaska Arts of Healing Workshops.

In addition, if you would like to know more about music and healing, check out the following websites:

  • Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope uses music as a form of therapeutic creative expression with her band No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.). To learn more about the band check out the N.E.D. website.
  • To read a great book called Music and Healing by Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth, a gynecologic oncologist and another member of the band N.E.D. find it on Amazon.
  • No Evidence of Disease, the documentary film from Emmy Award winning film maker Andrea Kalin and Spark Media, is a moving story following the band No Evidence of Disease, six gynecologic oncologists on a rock n' roll mission to save women's lives. Visit for more information.